Verizon rumored to announce iPhone

Sales of Google Android surpassed sales of the Apple iPhone in 2010 by 4 percent.

Verizon Wireless is expected to announce the arrival of the Apple iPhone to its lineup of smartphones today, ending Apple’s contract to sell exclusively with AT&T.

According to the Bits Blog for the New York Times, Verizon made no official announcement about the iPhone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Thursday. However, reporters were invited to a red carpet event in New York Tuesday.

The Neilson Company reported that sales of Android phones surpassed those of the iPhone in 2010. During the first half of the year, 27 percent of smartphone buyers selected an Android, while 23 percent selected the iPhone.

Senior research analyst for Piper Jaffray Gene Munster said Monday he expects iPhone sales to increase by 2.5 million. Total, he expects AT&T to sell 11 million iPhones and Verizon to sell 9 million.

According to TiPb, a blog dedicated to Apple products, Verizon has scheduled training for an “iconic pre-order” scheduled for Jan. 25 through Feb. 4. It is rumored that pre-order will be available for the new Verizon iPhone.


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