‘Get Involved Week’ finishes strong

Derek Harrison/Daily Evergreen

Students compete in game show style contests for the title of Mr. and Ms. Washington State.

By Shakura Kanye

Students danced to Justin Bieber, worked the catwalk and sliced up meat all in an effort to be crowned Mr. and Ms. Washington State. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosted the event Friday evening in the Compton Union Building (CUB). This event was part of “Get Involved Week” and featured contestants showcasing their talents in order to win the title of Mr. and Ms. Washington State. RHA Executive President Brenden Niedermeyer and Director of Programming Jacqui LaCroix said the whole event took about two to three weeks of planning. “It’s been fun setting up the whole event and watching all of the hard work that went into it,” Niedermeyer said.

The first round of the contest consisted of a dance routine. Each member was allotted five minutes to perform to a song.

In the first dance number, one of the contestants performed to a compilation of Michael Jackson songs alongside a number of back-up dancers.

Some of the other songs danced to were a rendition of the Y.M.C.A. and a mix of songs by Justin Bieber and Natasha Bedingfield. During the talent portion of the competition, one of the contestants played the fight song on the trombone as the crowd sang along.

The “cougar catwalk” was the next act in the competition. It was the WSU version of a model runway in which contestants walked down the aisle and struck a pose for the crowd.

The last part of the talent portion of the event involved showing the crowd two different kinds of raw steak and explaining to the audience the name for each part of the steak.

To top off the competition, the secret of the evening was revealed, called “minute to win it.” Cups were set up alongside the table in rows and all contestants were given about one minute to blow up a balloon and try to blow the cups off with the balloon’s air. In the end, freshman Tristan Hanon and senior communication major Sara Hein won the titles of Mr. and Ms. Washington State.

Junior pyschology major Kyra Peterson and senior elementary education major Lara McLaughlin both said they attended the event to support friends who were contestants in the competition.

“We really enjoyed the different performances and thought they were all very unique,” McLaughlin said. “You can see a lot of time and effort was put into this event, and it was made very enjoyable for the audience.”


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