Art gets playful twist

Logan Westom/Daily Evergreen

Numerous pieces of Finch’s fresh, minimalist art were displayed in the exhibit.

By Amanda Guay

WSU’s Museum of Art showcased Northwest artist Claudia Fitch in a reception and lecture from the artist on her exhibit, “Claudia Fitch: Works 1987-2010.”

Christopher Bruce, director of the museum, opened the lecture and introduced Fitch with a description of her work.

“If (Fitch’s work) was a wine, it would have a minimalist structure, a pop effervescence and a playful note,” he said. “That’s the closest I can get to really putting a context around it.” Assistant Curator of the Museum of Art Zach Mazur said he agreed with Bruce’s idea of Fitch’s exhibit as a complex body of work.

“I think a lot of Fitch’s work isn’t surface,” he said. “You have to come in and decide for yourself. It’s about what you’re willing to bring to the table when you walk into the space.” Claudia Fitch thanked the art community of WSU as well as those who enjoyed her work during her lecture.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime,” she said. Mazur said he was happy the museum could showcase an artist of Fitch’s magnitude.

“This exhibit feels huge …. people can filter in and spread out,” he said. “We’re exhibiting twenty years of art – that’s a career for an artist, especially an artist of Claudia Fitch’s status. It’s nice that we can watch her develop and see where some of her inspirations came (from).” Mazur also commented that visitors will find common threads throughout Fitch’s work despite its range and variation during the last two decades.

“Even her work is all totally different, you’ll find bits and pieces that bring them all together,” he said. “It’s always really exciting to be able to focus on one artist’s (work) at a time, especially when it’s something on this scale.” Junior communication major Robbie Reid said he enjoyed the exhibit.

“It’s really interesting …. I’ve never had this kind of artistic experience before,” he said. “I’ve never gone to an actual museum or anything, so it’s interesting that we have one here on campus that is able to showcase artists like Claudia Fitch.” Senior fine arts major Lauren Turk said she was also excited to attend the exhibit and lecture.

“It’s great that we can see someone like Claudia Fitch, who has such a comprehensive body of work that spans over her entire life,” Turk said. “It’s amazing that we can have all of that in this room today.” The exhibit will be on display in the WSU Art Museum until April 2 and is free to the public. More information about the museum’s upcoming exhibits can be found at


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