Rec Center holds largest class ever for anniversary

Derek Harrison/Daily Evergreen

More than 200 students participated in celebration of the Rec Center’s 10th anniversary.

By Kaitlin Gillespie

Students and faculty were invited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Student Recreation Center (SRC) with a free TurboKick class Wednesday.

According to its Facebook page, UREC’s goal was to have more than 200 participants in the class. They offered free water bottles to the first 200 participants and gave away two iPod Nanos.

The event exceeded the goal, with 226 participants, Fitness Services & Education Coordinator Jason Ruud said.

The class was taught by senior material science engineering major Alyssa Arrigoni, who has been teaching classes for University Recreation (UREC) since 2008. She said TurboKick is a combination of kickboxing and elements of dance. “We wanted to break some records and have the biggest class ever,” she said.

Paid classes of TurboKick are offered throughout the week and are part of UREC’s aerobics and conditioning programs. Wednesday’s free class was held on Court 1 and was comprised of basic TurboKick moves.

Sophomore business major Stephanie Reese said she loves going to the SRC and was glad to have the opportunity to take free classes.

“I’ve always wanted to take a kickboxing class,” she said. “It’s a different alternative to other types of working out.” Brittany Golob, a senior business major, said she has previously done kickboxing and wanted to try the free class.

“It’s a great workout,” she said. “It really gets the booty in shape.” UREC will continue to offer free classes until Jan. 16, Ruud said. Today’s classes include a swim clinic and free body composition testing.

“I recommend group fitness,” Arrigoni said. “It’s an easy way to stay accountable and work out with your friends.”


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